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51% assault query…

I’ve lately been wanting into 51% assault chance and I learn that the mining hash energy being centralised just isn’t an issue as the price makes it a false economic system. So miners could be higher off financially enjoying by the foundations and accumulating btc as an alternative of making an attempt to interrupt the consensus.

Nevertheless what I can not discover out is what if cash wasn’t the motivation for breaking the community, as an example what occurs if a number of nations collude to manage a great deal of the community to finally carry it down. There are basic the reason why governments will need to see btc worn out so I do not see how the price of an assault issues.

I am an entire btc novice so is likely to be lacking one thing apparent.

6 thoughts on “51% assault query…”

  1. Not to be dismissive but if you want our generic answer it’s under the 900 other posts like this.

    My deeper answer is that 51% attacks don’t matter on bitcoin anymore but they do matter on all PoS coins and failing low-hashrate PoW coins.

    If half your stakers on a PoS shitcoin are actually the same person under 500 names you are actively being 51% attacked and they have total irreversible control so long as you aren’t willing to slash their stake.

    Also if you operate a PoW shitcoin and somebody shows up with 51% hashrate you can only “invalidate block” for so long before you need to fork your chain and swap algos.

    Bitcoin is fine. Nobody on earth is gonna show up one day with 200-300 EH worth of miners and infrastructure and energy and start mining fraudulent blocks.

  2. The US government controls an enormous amount of bitcoin, in typical US fashion they didn’t even purchase it they just “stole” it so they are very much in the boat now no need to worry about them bringing it down 🙂 load on up gents


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