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95%+ of NFT Collections are InactiveMore than 95% NFT Collections are Dead

I recently read an article that said more than 95% of NFT collections are dead. This is a really concerning statistic, especially for those of us who are invested in the NFT market. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? Are there any strategies we can use to make sure our collections don’t become part of this statistic?

25 thoughts on “95%+ of NFT Collections are InactiveMore than 95% NFT Collections are Dead”

  1. They will return, people love throwing money at pretty much everything during bull runs. BTW, I like NFTs and think that the tech has lots of long term potential, but the prices people were paying for some of them were ridiculous. Crypto will hit a bull at some point, NFT values will go up with it and people will start making speculative purchases then…Boom NFTs are back.

  2. They’ve got so many rugged projects they’d make an Inu coin blush.

    I’ve only ever gotten either free NFTs or my extra beloved Macy’s NFTs that I missed the airdrop on and spent like 5 bucks total on

  3. Personally I never really got into NFTs, have a few artsy ones because I liked the art, and have a couple of NFTs that ‘hold’ a token and I can burn the NFT to get those tokens back – Value of those tokens are now worth pretty much nothing though admittedly šŸ˜…

  4. Many of us in this subreddit have dabbled in the world of NFTs, whether it’s buying or minting them. While some have reaped profits, others, like myself, are still holding onto our NFTs as they hover at a value of zero.


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