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Accidently despatched my children Doge to unsuitable pockets

Hey guys. I am hoping you may assist me ????
My child loves doge and put a few of her financial savings into it. She had a wholesome 14k doge saved. I meant to assist her transfer it to a pockets however we accidently despatched all of it to a pockets she donated $10 price of doge to a looong time in the past.

Is there a solution to cancel a pending transaction? We did it on crypto.com however they do not give the Hash data. We contacted help however no response.

Any useful data is appreciated. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Accidently despatched my children Doge to unsuitable pockets”

  1. You always need to verify the address you are sending to at least three times before hitting send. You just lost roughly $1,200.00. not the end of the world as far as crypto goes, but it does add up.

  2. Let me guess… you weren’t using text wallets, were you?

    Why have I spent eight long years trying to educate people and prevent disasters like this, among others? Nobody seems to be listening. *“[tap][tap][tap]… is this thing on?”*

    If you’re building your transactions manually, it’s pretty much impossible to do what you just did. Because there are multiple steps where you can check your work and guarantee you’re not pasting some random address into your destinations. Head over to coinb.in and have a play around with any wallets at all (yes, even those top 100 rich ones) and see for yourself.

    As for cancelling, the only way is to create a transaction that won’t be picked up. Like by paying no fees for example. But if it’s valid, once it’s been broadcast, the coins are gone. ????

    You could try asking the recipient nicely to give your coins back, but that’s really clutching at straws as you dangle halfway down the cliff, y’know?


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