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ADVICE NEEDED: Buddy handed away – serving to his household situated his holdings.

Hello, hope this subreddit may also help. A superb pal handed away all of a sudden final month. He was an success dealer with a portfolio starting from excessive 5 to early 6 figures portfolio throughout a number of platforms. We have now entry to some of his accounts/passwords/non-public keys/his telephone for 2FA.

His household have requested for my assist and I believe the very best wager is to method a reputable crypto restoration agency. Does anybody have any expertise with this that may advocate somebody? We’re primarily based within the UK.

Any useful recommendation/ideas could be appreciated. Many thanks.

8 thoughts on “ADVICE NEEDED: Buddy handed away – serving to his household situated his holdings.”

  1. If he had that much and has been around long enough i’d hope he’d have used a hardware wallet. Do you have access to that?

    You should be able to log into his trading accounts with the exchanges and identify where he was withdrawing to. Look those addresses up on a blockchain explorer and see if they still have funds.

    If you’ve managed to log in to most of his trading accounts and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of money in them how can you be sure he was as successful as he claimed?

  2. Try to map what exchanges were used through

    – Emails

    – 2fa apps

    – Browser history

    Then if you can’t get access contact the support so they can give you access

    See if you can find a device like ledger/trezor or piece of paper with 12/24 words

    No idea about crypto recovery companies and sorry for you loss

  3. Do you have any idea where he kept the bulk of it? If you are comfortable with hardware wallets, get a hardware wallet and generate deposit addresses and start moving everything off accessible accounts to the hardware wallet. If not comfortable with that, have sister open a Coinbase account to act as repository. The inaccessible accounts are able to be passed just like other assets…will need death certificate and open case with customer service. Is there a will?

    Is there a safe? A password manager? Lockbox at a bank? Did he ever mention ledger or Trezor or wallet? Did he talk about yield or staking or ?? Forget the 100’s of transactions. Look for emails and existence of wallets. Try to locate the top five places he put assets.

  4. Hey OP, if you would like me to help with some onchain analysis to see if i can locate some accounts you can contact me through pm.
    Will not request any passwords, seeds, private keys or anything like that. At most just send me any public adresses you know and ill take a look for ya.


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