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Airgapped {hardware} wallets like SafePal or Ellipal titan vs Trezor and Ledger? Execs and cons?

Airgapped {hardware} wallets like SafePal or Ellipal titan vs Trezor and Ledger? Execs and cons?

5 thoughts on “Airgapped {hardware} wallets like SafePal or Ellipal titan vs Trezor and Ledger? Execs and cons?”

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  2. Cold card (Using PSBTs and sd cards ) and Blockstream jade (scanning QR codes with camera) can also be used as airgapped hardware wallets.

    The biggest downsides of safepal and ellipal are the fact that they are much less popular and much less audited by security researchers when compared to wallets like trezor and ledger. Another concern is their firmware offered has a very wide attack surface.

  3. Safepal is closed from top to bottom, it’s cheap crap that requires full trust, avoid it.

    Ellipal is an extremely simple device, still mostly closed source, no secure elements, extremely basic Bitcoin functionality.

    Ledger is has the most market share and the software and documentation are excellent. Very good hardware security but the trade-off is parts of the firmware are closed source. (But wallet software isn’t, works with 3rd party apps, etc) If you go the X, then you can use it mobile-only via Bluetooth for Android/iOS.

    Trezor has been around for the longest and have a solid product. It enables “BIP39 passphrase” by default which gets newbies in trouble, doesn’t verify the seed fully at startup and has no secure element, so physical security isn’t great. Basically a desktop only device, though you can use it with Android.

    Simply put, you can’t go wrong with either Ledger/Trezor.

    I have a summary of a bunch of hardware devices here: [https://cryptoguide.tips/hardware-wallet-comparisons/](https://cryptoguide.tips/hardware-wallet-comparisons/)

    Other great options for those starting out are Keystone (BTC only firmware is very good) and Bitbox02. Coldcard is great but really isn’t newbie friendly…


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