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All-in-one app

Why isn’t there an all-in-one app that does, *full node*, *on-chain*, and *lightning*? All of the issues. This app would exist on all of the platforms (desktop & cellular)

(Even higher if the excellence of on-chain and lightning is undetectable from the consumer perspective.)

If a RP4 can do it, so can a smartphone, proper?

Throughout set up the consumer can resolve how a lot of the blockchain they need to carry on the system.

Whereas validating all of the blocks, really earlier than validating all of the blocks, there’d be a warning signal that claims the pockets is counting on different nodes till it finishes validating all blocks, in order that the consumer can nonetheless use the pockets earlier than it completes.

Not having to distant hook up with servers (Umbrel) is finest for many customers.

An multi functional app is far easier to onboard new customers.

An multi functional app will encourage self custody and due to this fact much less paper bitcoin, which is upward strain on the worth.

Consumer would get to decide on which node software program they need put in.

Sorry, I don’t perceive how this could possibly be made attainable 🙂 Train me the methods.

8 thoughts on “All-in-one app”

  1. Because consensus is mobile applications should drain battery the least and node application is realtime and isn’t exactly a low consumption one. Mobile wallet IS an optimized for its paradigm node software. The answer for your questions – there is no demand in such software you describe, different tasks require different tools

  2. There are different design philosophies in software design.

    The Unix philosophy is to have small, very specialised programs that do one thing but do it very well. And then have mechanism to combine them.

    Having the components of a bitcoin system separated means you can pick and choose. Don’t like LN-server A? Switch it for B. Don’t like wallet X? Use wallet Y.

  3. Proper LN routing actually requires a more powerful device than a rpi. The BTC blockchain is 500 GB in size, most smartphones don’t have that sort of storage, you’d need at least 1TB of storage for the blockchain AND your additional mobile shit. Not to mention the constant battery drain and the need to be constantly online, so you’d need an unlimited mobile connection too. Also, it is a bad idea to have a potentially malware infested mobile device, and your lightning node on the same device. Isn’t it more practical to have a mobile wallet connected to your own dedicated node at home?


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