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Am I the one one who’s simply SICK and TIRED of listening to about Sam Bankman-Fried? And here is the factor – we have got years extra of this….

Information article after information article, reddit put up after reddit put up, they proceed to say Sam Bankman-Fried and “why is not he in jail but”, and “the place did the cash go”, and calling him all kinds of names and simply, blah blah blah SBF blah blah blah.

Man was a scammer. And scammers gonna rip-off. It is what they do. However my man gave the Democrats a number of cash, and that’s the Get Out Of Jail Free card, okay? Jesus people, it is the way in which the system works, and the earlier you settle for it, the earlier we will all be pleased once more. Look, SBF did not make the principles. He is simply taking part in by them. Fill within the clean: Do not hate the participant, hate the (clean).

So my level is, let’s all go for one single week with out even mentioning him. As in, not one time, okay guys? Can all of us comply with that?

39 thoughts on “Am I the one one who’s simply SICK and TIRED of listening to about Sam Bankman-Fried? And here is the factor – we have got years extra of this….”

  1. What good is a scapegoat if it’s not public?
    The whole industry is naked. Binance is insolvent. Bankman is no more criminal than any of the other big players. In fact, he’s probably less so as he couldn’t prevent himself from being thrown under the bus.
    This saga is to distract people from systemic crypto solvency issues and direct them into calling for regulation (by the CTFC, probably).

  2. Yeah after the first week I’ve completely tuned out any updates about it. It doesn’t affect me and any updates i see about it I shrug and just file it under another day in clown world and go back to stacking sats.

  3. The reason why blue-collar crimes of the magnitude of Bernie Madoff and the like are in their few numbers is that there was deterrence not looking the other way. Make crypto and exchanges uncomfortable for all the scammers.

    The reason why blue-collar crimes of the magnitude of Bernie Madoff and the like are in their few is because of deterrence not looking the other way.

  4. As long as we dont let him off the hook. I believe is more annoying to see him walking free after what he has done than being reminded everyday how he stole people’s money.

  5. Yeah, considering we don’t really talk about shitcoins and FTX had zero Bitcoin in their balance sheets, I don’t see how it’s particularly relevant.

    A few stories, sure. But 50% of the posts here are about SBF and it’s exhausting. But people post about it because it gets attention

  6. Well, when a guy takes billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin, dumps it and buys a coin he created and owns a shitload of, takes more money that was headed to Bitcoin, gives those people paper IOUs too, uses the money instead to pump shitcoins (they had investments in tons of crypto coins; they were sending the money off into all sorts of nonsense, explaining why the market has been so nonsensical since FTX came along and offered 30x lower trading fees than Coinbase and more leverage and high interest on deposits)… this isn’t just about the money depositors lost, it’s all the money that was lost along the way. Don’t think the VCs that invested in FTX haven’t made a fortune from the shenanigans at FTX, they’ll have had plenty of other coins that went to the moon after money that was headed for Bitcoin was diverted and invested into that long list of crypto project investments FTX made. In my opinion Bitcoin would already be worth hundreds of thousands if not more without this, and how involved Gensler was, I’d very much like to know, there’s probably some people at the NSA who have access to the right emails who do know, but what can they do with that sort of access to info aside use it to get rich personally; they can’t discuss it with us mere mortals.

  7. The only thing I care about at this point is: either the dude gets jail, or a journalistic crowd hounding every single one of his enablers.
    At this point, I would be interested if he gets Epsteined.
    This is just corrupt power washing their hands and it’s boring.

  8. Never heard of him -or FTX- before this went down, and he remained that relevant in my life.

    I might have somewhere read or have been exposed to the names, but quickly dismissed them as being utterly useless due to the unrealistic pitch or something.

    I don’t care.

  9. Yes. This sub just needs to straight up ban new posts about it

    He was a shitcoin peddler that had no exposure to BTC and sold paper BTC only

    Anyone with more than a few months experience in the space knows all about the perils of shitcoin casinos and buying BTC IoUs, so there is nothing to be gained by talking about it because it 100% of the time descends into US politics and adds nothing to BTC discussions.

    Posts like that belong in shitcoin subs as a cautionary tale…

    I can only imagine the people so butthurt about the situation are closet shitcoiners rather than Bitcoiners

  10. He needs to be In prison. If you’re sick of hearing about it turn off your phone or TV and go outside. What he did needs to be discussed nationally because it’s an unregulated industry that needs regulation and his story is the perfect example of why. Your being apathetic doesn’t mean others should hold that same ignorance.

  11. Listen to the recent video posted by coffeezilla where he “interviewed him”. He asked a lot of great questions and SBF stumbled ALOT. Clearly shows he scammed everyone and is trying to cover as ass with a massive interview campaign where he can paint this picture of a bumbling idiot that wasn’t aware of a missing $8 billion

    “Oh I made a big mistake and should have done better”. Feel bad for me

  12. No we should keep talking about Scam Bankrun-Fraud until he is arrested and as a warning to new and existing alt coin investors that Bitcoin is the only thing that is not a scam.


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