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Amazon is closing its AmazonSmile charity platform | The e-commerce giant claims its ‘ability to have an impact was often spread too thin.’

Amazon Closes Its AmazonSmile Charity Platform

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, recently announced it is shutting down its AmazonSmile charity platform. AmazonSmile was the platform the giant provided its customers so they could support charitable organizations of their choice through their shopping experience.

What is AmazonSmile?

AmazonSmile was an American shopping platform launched by Amazon. It was a unique, easy way for customers to donate to their desired charitable organizations when they shop, at no additional cost. AmazonSmile was founded on June 30, 2017, but it will now be closed for good.

What Changes Will Happen?

The biggest change is that the AmazonSmile program will be ending. This means from now on there will be no way to donate to charities through Amazon shopping. Any donations made before the closure will be honored and fulfilled as agreed.

Why is AmazonClosing AmazonSmile?

Amazon gave the following statement for closing its charity platform: “Our ability to have an impact was often spread too thin. We are focused on investing in programs that have the potential to create the greatest impact for our customers and the communities they care about.”

What Will Amazon Do Now?

Amazon has shifted its focus on its other community initiatives. It will be investing heavily in giving programs such as Amazon Handmade and Amazon Business, which are more structured than AmazonSmile. In addition, Amazon will continue to focus on its global initiatives that have both charitable and environmental impact.


Amazon’s AmazonSmile charity platform provided customers the opportunity to support charities through their shopping experience. However, Amazon has decided to close it down, claiming the impact of the platform was spread too thin. Instead, Amazon will focus on its other programs designed to help the community, such as Amazon Handmade and Amazon Business, as well as its global initiatives with both charitable and environmental impact.

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