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Any Tutorials?

Are there any tutorials on the market on how one can get your Bitcoin off of Coinbase? That is all new to me and I simply don’t belief these exchanges anymore. Additionally, must know the way I can use my Bitcoin as soon as I’ve it myself and how one can promote it if I must money out.

Thanks in Advance!

10 thoughts on “Any Tutorials?”

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  2. When I bought my ledger they sent an email with step by step tutorial on how to set it up and transfer it out. Seems more daunting than it is. Just remember to start with small amounts until your comfortable with the process and always verify your address.

  3. And if you want to sell your btc again, send it back to CB to sell. I only use exchanges to… exchange. Then transfer what I bought to my self custodial wallet, or what I made back into the bank.


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