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Arduous forks and doubling provide?

So primarily, I’ve had this query for a couple of months, nevertheless it’s simply now popping into thoughts. Principally from my understanding if you happen to personal a certain quantity of bitcoin earlier than a tough fork happens, you’ll personal an equal quantity of stated new coin, primarily doubling your holdings isn’t this anti-deflationary, a.okay.a. inflationary. This can be quite simple. I admire your time.

10 thoughts on “Arduous forks and doubling provide?”

  1. As I understand it, a hard fork is a different version of Bitcoin. A majority of the nodes would have to be on board. This is unlikely to happen as each node operator would essentially be diluting their own BTC.

  2. There’s still going to be the same amount of coin circulating on the main chain. (Chain with the most chainwork)

    After a while, economic value will simply be transferred from one chain to the other. You may have twice as much coins, but the market will show that only one of these coins have value. You can print money, but you can’t print value.

    Say I have 501K USD. Then I spent 1K USD to buy 500K in some other currency, am I now a millionaire?

  3. To whoever deleted their video with the forks for begging I just watched it all and it doesn’t exaclty answer my questions. Other than when he mentions the washing other that can occur. Could u plz re link the video so I can save it

  4. If I take the rules of NFL and start my own backyard football league using those rules…have I inflated the NFL? Has the NFL becomes less valuable?

  5. This happened with the BCash fork in 2017. Yes it is temporarily inflationary, and fraudulent to inherit the entire set of coins issued to date on the Bitcoin blockchain

    Eventually those coins have no use case, so the effect of inflation is temporary, enriching those who profit from the speculative price spike after launch

  6. A hard fork is a separate chain and so incompatible with the original chain. You wont have increased the BTC supply, and the new chain wont have the security of the original network. This is literally like creating your own version of USD in your back yard – it’s not USD.

    The irony is that if you counterfeit money, this arguably could be seen as inflationary because you might be able to fool someone into thinking it’s real money.

    But a hard fork is incompatible with a BTC network:the vendor would have to acknowledge they are accepting a non-BTC crypto before accepting it.

  7. It’s not doubling the supply. There is still the same amount of BTC. You just created a new coin. This new coin will only be worth a fraction of BTC*.


    *unless you somehow can make it as valuable as BTC, but that’s almost impossible.

  8. Another coin has no effect on supply of BTC. Nothing is doubled. Another coin would have to be mined and listed on exchanges for it to actually function and have any value.

  9. If you photocopy your cash did you just double you holdings?

    I guess it’s possible someone might want to buy your copies from you, but they won’t pay 1:1 for obvious reasons.

    It’s basically conterfeiting.


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