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Are you able to monitor a pending transaction with solely the receiving handle?

I haven’t got the TxID solely the receiving handle (mine). Is it potential to see the pending transaction on the blockchain explorer looking out by my pockets handle? I used to be being despatched BTC however not given the TxID. They are saying it’s nonetheless pending, however it has been 4 days. Once I lookup my pockets handle it does not present a pending transaction. I wasn’t positive if it simply does not present pending transactions with out TxID or if that simply means they did not ship it. Thanks for any assist.

6 thoughts on “Are you able to monitor a pending transaction with solely the receiving handle?”

  1. You should be able to see an unconfirmed transaction on your address, either in your wallet or on a blockexplorer like https://blockstream.info/

    If you don’t see it, either your counterparty didn’t send it, or they sent it with a very low fee which caused the transaction to be “forgotten” after a while by the nodes on the network (that happens after a while like 14 days, or when the internal mempools of nodes reach a certain size in MB).

    The latter is highly unlikely to have happened recently, so they probably didn’t send it (or screwed something else up). In any case, you won’t get your coins until they (re-)send it again. The fact that they didn’t provide you with a TXID seems suspicious as well.

    It’s also possible that they try to send it from an exchange (not from an actual wallet that gives you the TXID) and the exchange doesn’t let them (showing them the tx as “pending” in their internal system), but this doesn’t change the fact that you haven’t received your coins yet.

  2. > When I look up my wallet address it doesn’t show a pending transaction

    Even your wallet (if the address is really yours) will display an unconfirmed transaction. Which wallet app are you using?


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