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Are you able to precisely discover out what percentile you’re in as a BTC holder?

There’s this web site:


I’m conscious folks maintain a number of wallets and persons are holding their stacks on change wallets so has anybody found out a technique to discover out the place you stand?

6 thoughts on “Are you able to precisely discover out what percentile you’re in as a BTC holder?”

  1. No, and it’s impossible to do accurately. You can estimate, but never be exact due to people owning multiple wallets and keeping coins on an exchange. A better way of looking at your stack is what percentage of total BTC you own.

  2. A Bitcoin address is not a wallet. A wallet contains thousands of addresses
    There is no reliable way to measure the amount of Bitcoin in a wallet, unless it’s your own wallet

  3. Divide your stack by 21M. That’ll give you an idea of how many people can be in your situation. Best you’re gunna get.

    Example: 21M BTC/21 BTC = 1M people in the entire world can ever have as much as you.


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