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Are you going to buy meme coins?


Meme coins have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a unique way to invest in the meme economy. But what exactly are meme coins, and should you purchase them?

Meme coins are digital tokens that are used to purchase digital goods and services related to memes. They are similar to cryptocurrencies, but they are not backed by any government or central bank. Instead, they are created and managed by a decentralized network of users.

The value of meme coins is determined by the demand for the goods and services they are used to purchase. As more people use meme coins to purchase digital goods and services, the value of the coins increases. This makes them a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.

However, there are some risks associated with investing in meme coins. For one, the value of meme coins can be volatile, as it is not backed by any government or central bank. Additionally, the meme economy is still relatively new and untested, so it is difficult to predict how it will develop in the future.

Ultimately, whether or not you should purchase meme coins is up to you. If you are comfortable with the risks associated with investing in meme coins, then it could be a great way to diversify your portfolio and potentially make some money. However, if you are not comfortable with the risks, then it may be best to stay away from meme coins.

34 thoughts on “Are you going to buy meme coins?”

  1. I did buy meme/shit coins back in 2017/2018, Some 50 coins at 5$ each, none of these coins ever went to the moon and that was the time when every project seemed believable, today it’s not worth it. Save your money and invest in a good project that is here to stay.

  2. I’m in this game for 5 years, mostly (80%) accumulate BTC and ETH – but I also buy some meme coins from time to time. However I keep the amounts low enough that I could easily live with a full loss. It’s for fun, but I also see the potential, no matter how stupid they are.

  3. I’ve have about 10% of my portfolio into three memes and feel good about it. I try and DCA consistently and to be safe I’m also 35%BTC and 25% ETH. And within that 10% meme tokens I’m 48%shiba, 48% doge, and 2% Samo. I am willing to gamble on these memes because I understand they are my highest risk assets and if I lose I lose and I’ll be okay because I have my other 90% to hopefully make up those losses. But if they pop they will most likely be my highest gains besides my potential low cap gems.

  4. If they are pumping yes. I would put between a 20-30% martingale spread with about 10-15 steps (depending on the minimum purchase required) and take 1-5% profits automatically while I take a nap. After 48hrs or so, I would turn the bots off and avoid trading it for awhile, so as not to get stuck on a flat line.

    If you want to take your chances that it will skyrocket then buy a little bit and set up a short bot to trail dump up a spike for 100% or more. Whatever you think it will pop out from looking at the chart history.


  5. I bought a couple FUCKTOKEN. Found the idea funny to have a tipbot to “give a fuck” to someone. Well … nothing happened, project died. Will not invest in any meme/shitcoin/funny stuff anymore.

  6. Yeah I believe banano will take off. Community is strong for many years. Also the whole environmentally friendly help in cancer research (folding at home) is very cool.


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