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Are you shopping for bitcoin for what it’s or simply what it has the potential to be?

Bitcoin is:

1. A decentralized different to the present monetary system that’s designed to defend, enrich, and empower tyrants and oligarchs
2. Censorship resistant
3. Actually scarce
4. Accepted globally
5. Voluntary

What bitcoin could possibly be:

1. A solution to get fiat wealthy rapidly
2. Many different issues that pale compared to its current capabilities

The selection is as much as you. In case you are solely shopping for bitcoin for what it may turn into although, you could not find yourself glad. By specializing in simply it is present capabilities although, bitcoin has by no means disillusioned anybody.

11 thoughts on “Are you shopping for bitcoin for what it’s or simply what it has the potential to be?”

  1. I bought it:
    1. Fuck the central banks
    2. I can “take it with me” though any airport or border crossing, undetected
    3. Inflation-proof
    4. Confiscation-proof
    5. Huge value potential as fiat currency dies

  2. You know it could go to zero too. Suns will go to zero eventually. What we claim is the ability to measure energy, so accurately exchanged for a digital currency, that you can claim it like land or…fucking energy for lifetimes.

  3. Bitcoin is already what bitcoin is going to be… that’s the beauty of protocol immutability. Yea there’ll be little improvements here and there but the protocol is largely ossified. So yes I hold it for what it is. Regardless of price it remains the same.

  4. Yes…. what it is already and what it will become.

    You probably wanted a cell phone in the 90s too and now look at them. Did you see that coming? The answer is no

    Ppl have no idea what BTC can become yet

  5. To create generational wealth for my children. I really hope Bitcoin evolves into its full potential in my lifetime. The technology has the potential to change the world for the better.

  6. Bitcoin could be the global reserve asset. That’s huge, even if you assign to it only a 5% chance of happening.

    Regarding getting rich in fiat terms, what’s the point of being worth quadrillions on a collapsed currency? That’s not the right framework to think about it in the long term

  7. Honest answer.

    I invest what I am comfortable losing completely. I don’t want to be standing here 10 years down the road and kicking myself because I “could have” made a great return. I also don’t want it to shit the bed and then I want to drown myself in the ocean because I lost what I couldn’t afford to.

    It’s easy when I consider how much I spent on smoking, vaping and alcohol. Instead of spending my money on vices. I throw all I once spent on addiction into BTC.


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