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40 thoughts on “ARK’s Cathie Wooden: Bitcoin Will Be $1 Million per Coin by 2030”

  1. This needs to be placed within some context.

    Lets say we run 8-12% inflation through 2027, then hyperinflate in 2028…

    Is she saying $1million in todays dollars? or is there some other context that she’s thinking of?

  2. No I Don’t Think So These Guys Have Been Saying The Same Junk Before The Crash, She Along With The Others Are Delusional!! It’s Going To Get A Lot Worst Before It Gets Better, $1,000,000,000 A Coin Look IMPOSSIBLE At This Time. We Might Not Even Get Back To All Time Highs Of $70,000 By 2030 It A Wait & See But It’s Going To Get A Lot Worse That’s For Sure…By The Way I Called This Before The Crash Happened It Was All In The Charts & The Economy, Don’t Listen To Anyone Telling You That It’s Going To Get Better Anytime Soon They Are LYING…


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