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ASAP Market XMR & BTC Deposit No Show! Day 3.

No Deposits Showing on ASAP Market Bitcoin and Monero Wallets

Users of the ASAP Market cryptocurrency platform have been concerned over the past 3 days as their deposits have been missing from their wallets. Bitcoin and Monero deposits have not been showing in users’ wallets leading many to question the reliability of the platform.

Complaints From Users

Users of the ASAP Markets spoke about their concern over the deposits not showing in their wallets. Many of them complained that

  • Their accounts have been showing zero balances for 3 days,
  • Some users were completely unable to make transactions,
  • Some were stuck with transactions being stuck in an unconfirmed state,
  • Others reported that the deposits and transfers were not going through at all.

The users also claimed that there was no clarification from the ASAP Market about the situation.

ASAP Market Response

After complaints from users around the world, ASAP Market responded to the queries by informing users that a scaling problem was the cause of the issue and they were trying to find a solution. They suggested that the issue should be resolved within a few days.


Although the lack of deposits via Bitcoin and Monero may be concerning to users of ASAP Market, it appears the issue has been identified and the platform is working on finding a solution. In the meantime, users should monitor their wallets closely and contact ASAP Market should they have any further questions.

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