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ASAP Market XMR & BTC Deposit No Show! Day 3.

ASAP Market XMR & BTC Deposit No Show! Day 3

It’s now day three of the XMR and BTC deposit no show at ASAP Market and the issue is still unresolved. This issue first occurred on November 27th and has left many traders and investors unable to access their funds.

Why Is This Happening?

At this time, ASAP Market has failed to provide an official explanation or statement regarding the issue, however there is speculation that the no show is related to problems associated with the transfer process between wallets.

What Does This Mean for XMR and BTC Traders?

XMR and BTC traders on ASAP Market are unable to access and utilize their stored funds due to this ongoing issue. As the deposit no show has yet to be addressed, it is uncertain whether or not traders will be able to access their funds again soon.

What Are the Possible Solutions?

In order to resolve this issue ASAP Market need to work quickly and find a suitable solution. Possible solutions could include:

  • Attempting to facilitate fund transfers manually: ASAP Market could attempt to process all XMR and BTC deposits manually in order to restore access to users funds.
  • Compensating users: ASAP Market could potentially compensate traders with regards to any financial losses or inconvenience caused by the issue.
  • Improving system reliability: ASAP Market could work to address any underlying technical issues in order to reduce the risk of a similar issue arising in the future.

Until an adequate solution has been found, it is likely that this deposit no show will continue to cause considerable inconvenience for XMR and BTC traders on ASAP Market.

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