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ASAP Market XMR & BTC Deposit No Show! Day 3.

ASAP Market XMR & BTC Deposit No Show! Day 3.

It has been three days since ASAP Market first reported no presence of XMR and BTC deposits verified on their Exchange Platform. Ever since then, thousands of users have begun to express their outrage with the prolonged lack of service. Let’s take a look at the facts.

What is the Issue?

  • Users are unable to deposit XMR & BTC tokens.
  • Deposit-related tickets to customer support haven’t been responded to.
  • Transactions are taking unusually long to go through.

What Does ASAP Market Say?

So far, ASAP Market has been silent on the issue, neither addressing the cause of the issue or offering solutions.

Products Impacted

As of now the issue seems to have only impacted XMR & BTC deposits — though there is no confirmation about other tokens and products.


ASAP Market users are suggesting to wait for resolutions from the Exchange’s support team, and if it does not come soon, to Contact the Exchange using their registered contact channels. This could open a dialogue between the user and the exchange and some solutions could be provided.

Users are encouraged to exercise safe practices in terms of storing their passwords and other identifiable information such as wallet addresses, it is also recommended to transfer the funds to other secure platforms.

At this time, it is unclear when the deposits XMR & BTC will be restored, however, users are advised to stay alert for new updates from ASAP Market and take necessary precautions if needed.

Thanks for reading.

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