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ASAP Market XMR & BTC Deposit No Show! Day 3.

ASAP Market XMR & BTC Deposit No Show! Day 3

ASAP Market is still experiencing difficulties regarding its XMR & BTC deposits that were initiated three days ago. Issues on the site have continued to persist even three days later.

What caused the issue?

It appears that the issue may have been caused by a variety of issues including:

  • Incorrect input of wallet addresses
  • Deposits taking longer than usual to be processed
  • Interruption of the network due to system maintenance

What options are available?

Since the issue has been ongoing, the following options are available to disgruntled investors:

  • Contacting customer service
    • As soon as the issue was identified, ASAP Market customer service was quick to respond and provide assistance

  • Contacting support
    • The ASAP Market support team has been available to provide assistance throughout the process, from the initial deposit request to the more recent attempts to resolve the issue

  • Seeking a refund
    • If the issue is not resolved quickly, ASAP Market is willing to provide refunds to investors whose deposits were not received

How is the issue being addressed?

The ASAP Market team is currently working hard to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The team has been taking the necessary steps to investigate the issue in order to identify the root cause and has been actively engaging with investors to provide updates on the status of the issue.

The entire ASAP Market team is dedicated to resolving the issue and ensuring that all the deposits are received in a timely manner.

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