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ASAP Market XMR deposit not showing but has confirmed.

What to do when XMR Deposit Not Showing on ASAP Market

If you’re an ASAP Market user and you’ve sent XMR to your account, but it’s not showing up even though it has been confirmed, there are a few steps you can take to try and resolve the issue.

Steps for Troubleshooting XMR Deposit Issues on ASAP Market

  • Verify that the exact XMR amount you sent is showing in your ‘Total Balance’.
  • Check the ‘Ledger’ tab to make sure the deposit is recorded.
  • Make sure you’ve used the correct Payment ID provided to you in the deposit window.
  • Ensure that you’ve sent payment from the same wallet address you used to receive the funds.
  • Confirm that the Payment ID/Destination Tag is showing correctly in the Comment/Paste field of your wallet or website service.

If the above steps don’t resolve your deposit issue, please contact ASAP Market customer support services to further investigate the issue. They can provide assistance and advice to help resolve any discrepancies.

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