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Assist – take a look at transfers didn’t arrive

Group – I despatched two small Eth take a look at transfers from my Coinbase account to my Trezor and neither one arrived. What am I doing flawed? Or am I hacked? My steps:

1) Join Trezor, open Trezor software program, enter system PIN, see my bitcoin and eth totals on the dashboard.

2) clicked on Accounts, Eth, then the obtain button.

3) clicked on “present full handle” then confirmed matching handle on Trezor. Then copy handle.

4) In FireFox browser, pasted this copied handle into the coinbase “to” handle after clicking Ship, deciding on Eth.

5) Clicked “proceed” then entered my two issue authentication quantity and Coinbase says sending.

6) In Coinbase, underneath Property, Eth, Pockets, I can see that from Coinbase’s perspective, the transactions are full.

7) In Trezor, underneath Accounts, Ethereum, there are my transactions from June, however no transactions seem right now.

Is my Eth misplaced in our on-line world?


2 thoughts on “Assist – take a look at transfers didn’t arrive”

  1. Please bear in mind that no one from the Trezor team would send you a private message first.
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  2. Another question – Trezor is having me use the same Eth recieving address each time. Is that normal? It looks like for all of my inbound Bitcoin transactions, it generated a new address each time. Thx


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