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assist understanding transaction in coinb.in and learn how to interpret outcomes

I wished to check paper wallets and transactions from these.
first I examined creating an deal with and receiving.

1) I created an deal with offline on a browser personal tab with the github hosted model of coinb.in.
2) I despatched 80 doge from binance to the brand new deal with. Transaction was succesful and verified at https://blockchair.com/ utilizing the brand new deal with. It now had 80 cash.

then I attempted testing sending out from this lately created pockets deal with

3. I adopted the directions on this fairly previous put up https://www.reddit.com/r/dogecoin/feedback/7ojmj3/guide_how_to_use_coinbin_to_send_dogecoins_from_a/

4. In keeping with what I understood in that put up I needed to have at the very least 2 receiving addresses. 1 was the unique binance deal with set to obtain 39, the opposite was the sending “paper pockets” deal with additionally used as supply deal with set to obtain/hold 41. The payment was set to 0 identical to the previous reddit put up says.

5. within the native model of coinb.in I used the dogecoin community+blockcypher.com(dogecoin) for unspent outputs and broadcast.

6. It has been over an hour and the cash are nowhere to be seen. Utilizing the Confirm choice on coinb.in I received the transaction ID from the encoded transaction and checked out it in blockchair.com. It is already at 134 confirmations. The sending deal with (paper pockets) reveals up with 80 cash. The receiving (binance) deal with does NOT present up within the particulars of the transaction.

7. utilizing blockchair the paper deal with appears to nonetheless have the 80 cash. Binance has not acquired something.

8. but when I strive a brand new transaction on coinb.in when I attempt to load the worth of the cash within the paper pockets, it says “zero” with blockchair, “surprising error” with blockcypher, and “80” with chain.so

so it appears I did one thing improper. Primarily based on a more recent put up I discovered, I’m assuming it has one thing to do with the ZERO payment, however I’m not positive. So what occurs subsequent? Did I lose the cash or will they timeout and return to the supply?


Edit: I simply realized the explorers at every website present totally different data. i went to the blockcypher.com explorer and looked for the two addresses they usually certainly present up there. However show 0/6 confirmations. Is that this due to the 0 payment? if sure, how do can I determine what the right payment ought to be for my subsequent take a look at?

Edit2: additional trying into the blockcypher.com information I can discover on the transaction it says

“confidence = 25%,

Miner Choice = low,

Quantity Transacted = 80.0 DOGE,

Charges = 0.0 DOGE,

Acquired = about 2 hours in the past,

Confirmations = 0/6,

Dimension = 226 bytes”

4 thoughts on “assist understanding transaction in coinb.in and learn how to interpret outcomes”

  1. The problem with Addresses on Exchanges is that they can change without you noticing.

    I’m not sure how binance does it, but some exchanges give you a new receive-address with every request.

    If you have your transaction-ID you can use a blockchain explorer to check if it went through and look at the receiving address to see if the coins were received.

    If they were, you better contact binance support and have them check it out.

    This is one of the reasons why “wallet” on exchanges is not a real wallet and why they are more trouble than they are helpful.

  2. You need to pay transaction fee, 0.1 doge should be enough. It may get mined or it may get rejected in a week (or two?). Until it is confirmed or rejected you can try to send it again. You did not lose your coins. If I recall correctly you pick the fee by spending your input eg 80 – outputs 69 + 10. This example leaves 1 as fee.

    You’ll have to import the private key to another wallet if coinb.in is unhappy

  3. It looks like your problem is only the fee you paid. Current minimum fee is 0.001 doge/kb. So one of your output values should be decreased by 0.001 doge to pay the minimum fee. You should be fine rebuilding, signing, and rebroadcasting a new transaction. Most nodes won’t even retain or relay transactions that don’t pay the min relay fee.

  4. One of the great things about crypto is that things change.

    Since I wrote those instructions, several things have happened.

    * The post aged, was archived, and couldn’t be edited.
    * Our free transactions were killed off by a 1 Doge fee to combat spam.
    * The 1 Doge fee was killing us during the huge surge, and was cut.
    * Then it was cut again and again, to the current 0.001 Doge/1,000 bytes.

    So no, zero-fee transactions haven’t worked in a few years I’m afraid. And I’ve been far too slack about redoing the ELI5s like I meant to. Sorry about that.

    But the good news is that trying to not pay man’s the transaction won’t be picked up. And another change has been to reduce the timeout from a couple weeks to 24 hours.

    Plus, bonus change… coinb.in now has three default networks to choose from, and you can of course broadcast a signed transaction through any other node as well, so it’s not a massive problem to fix. Just redo it with the right fees, and broadcast elsewhere.

    Again, sorry about the confusion. I’ve been explaining this stuff a lot, but only in comments, so it’s harder to find. One day, I’ll fix that.

    Also, a couple of other things…

    Never use the same network you broadcast on to check wallets. That’s why I recommend bitinfocharts exclusively. It’s not involved in sending coins, so it doesn’t lie.

    Don’t use online copies of coinb.in for ANY real work. Download a copy and run it locally, preferably offline. This doesn’t matter if you’re just playing around testing stuff, but you wouldn’t want your keys exposed when you’re moving your billions around, right? ????????????


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