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Been a CB consumer since 2017. I’m strolling away after this pressured Plaid/cost technique change.

You eliminated my ACH account I’ve actually been utilizing since 2017 that has had no points with autobuys/deposits. Now, you all of a sudden need me to make use of Google Pay for this Plaid?

No. You additionally will not let me manually re-add my credit score union. Why? It actually has been downside free for nearly 6 years. My CU says it isn’t on their finish – it is yours. I by no means did big purchases – simply an auto $20 each Saturday.

Effectively, as I inform everybody in life that meets me: I’m a really chill particular person till you screw with my cash indirectly.

No, I’m not going to fill out a rattling ticket. You shouldn’t have eliminated my cost technique to start with. Perhaps subsequent time, you may have a human or two look over issues.

Or -even higher, use your rattling notification system, web site, and automatic emails to inform your userbase they’re about to be screwed.

33 thoughts on “Been a CB consumer since 2017. I’m strolling away after this pressured Plaid/cost technique change.”

  1. I also am in this boat. I’ll be removing all my assets from CB unless they allow me to re-enter my banking information manually. No way am I giving out user name and passwords to anyone. Etsy switched to plaid but still allowed manual entry. My bank info hasn’t changed in the YEARS I have been a customer.

  2. Came here to say exactly this. just got an email from coinbase saying they are forcingthe use of plaid.

    No way in hell am I going to hand over my banking creds to a “trusted 3rd party” trusted and 3rd party don’t belong in the same sentence. There is exactly one place my banking creds are ever going to be entered, and I make certain I’m entering them where I think I am. Just takes one mistake in Plaid’s systems for my banking creds to get compromised. And I’m sure that they go to great lengths to avoid that, but without being fully open source and auditable I’m not touching it.

    This in an idiotic change that I won’t tolerate.

    And I’m rather amazed that a company in the crypto space is stupid enough to do this. it’s a bit antithetical to the point of crypto. But then so are centralized exchanges…

  3. u/coinbasesupport Can you please explain what “safety and security” issues the test deposit system caused? I’ll be completely surprised if they outweigh the security and privacy issues with using Plaid. Personally, you can either reverse this change or I’m gone.

  4. I was looking for a reason to leave because Coinbase has been going downhill for a while now, and this forced plaid integration is the final nail in the coffin. I’m done. Goodbye Coinbase. It was a fun ride the last few years.

  5. They removed my ACH which I have been using for a while now for a third party that isn’t fully integrated with my bank (probably for good reason). It must be a sign because I was just going to make another deposit to DCA on payday. Universe telling me to quit while I’m behind I suppose ????.

    I tried the manual method just to try my luck and confirmed it no longer works. Making it less user friendly for customers to use your service, makes perfect business sense. /s

  6. The most basic security tips advise not entering your credentials, especially financial creds anywhere but the system needed to gain access. Imagine if Plaid is somehow compromised, whoever gained access would have direct access to your finances. That’s a hard No.

  7. I just discovered this nightmare also, it is obviously some type of big data/deep state financial monitoring effort.

    I will be going to another crypto exchange too for now on

  8. I guess we know which exchange is next to go under. How are you going to appease your investors when 25% or more of your customers go to your competition because of this stupid move?

  9. I’m in the same boat. Woke up to see my account delinked. My credit union won’t allow Plaid until it no longer requires credential sharing and disabling 2FA and Coinbase for whatever reason chooses to use a variation of my legal name that doesn’t match what my credit union chooses to use making wire transfer impossible. You can’t fund an account with a debit card to use with advanced trading; only make direct purchases at the most expensive transaction rate and the account limits are low for both Debit and Paypal.

    This is security 101 folks. Credential sharing is bad. Just because a lot of people choose to make poor security decisions by using Plaid with more permissive banks doesn’t mean it is a good idea. Who would consider Plaid a trusted third party when they had to settle a class action over misuse of customer banking info?

    A lot of payment services allow one time payments via ACH without saving your ACH info. Seems like there is an opportunity here for a service other than Plaid.

  10. It’s horse shit. I think Coinbase is working to remove their own liability for bank transfers and move that risk to a 3rd party. You can already see in this very post where official support tried to pass someone off to Plaid rather than deal with the issue themselves.

  11. not that they can’t. They intention to. CB not that they can’t, but they down so bad from exposure to bad actor, I guess. How the fk one biggest exchange can’t work properly compare to binance?

  12. I absolutely refuse to use plaid. Anyone that hands out their credentials to random company is a fool. We all know that IT gets outsourced, so some DBA has access to thousands of usernames and passwords. Takes one bad egg. One bad line of code and that’s it

    I stopped using Crypto.com because of it too. They put a fee on ACH transfer for debit card top up and that was the last time I ever loaded my card w fiat. Looks like I’m heading to Gemini or something else.

    Showstopper for me. Full stop


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