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Beginning From Scratch

I am ranging from scratch. I must know tips on how to anonymously buy and finally maintain crypto in full secrecy.

I reside in Canada. Lay it out for me what I ought to do to start.


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  2. You’ll need to use a decentralized exchange like [Robosats](https://learn.robosats.com/), [Bisq](https://bisq.network/), [Hodl Hodl](https://hodlhodl.com/), or [Peach](https://peachbitcoin.com/). Decentralized exchanges require you to put up collateral so you might want to get your first bitcoin from a [Bitcoin ATM](https://coinatmradar.com/bitcoin-atm-map/) or an [Azte.co](https://Azte.co) vendor. If you’re going to use an ATM, you may want to wear a facemask, sunglasses, and hat as they have cameras on them. They both may require soft KYC meaning you can give them a burner phone number and/or email. Pay with cash and not your card.

  3. Stay away from any “crypto” shitcoin and buy Bitcoin only.

    If you don’t want to buy a hardware wallet right away, stick with a Bitcoin wallet app until you’re confident enough to take it to the next level. BlueWallet is what I am currently using, and it’s available on Android, iOS and macOS.

    If you’re just starting out, please understand that what you need to take good care of is the 12 or 24 words seed phrase as that is what give you access to the coins. Bitcoins are not stored in an app or in a hardware wallet, those are just interfaces. If your phone dies, you can always recover your Bitcoin wallet by importing your seed phrase in a wallet app on another phone.


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