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Best kept secret for cart and flower lovers on the DNM -TOKEUP90 on Alphabay!

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Carts: listing?id=179872

search my post history for deals , reviews, and promos!

I work with a large network of growers so if you want a certain strain and having a tough time finding it, I can probably get it for you, reply to this post with any questions/comments/reviews! Thanks for your support AB fam!

TOKE one hitter quitter 1 gram 90% THC Cartridges

TOKE cartridges are lab tested and go through same rigorous process as cartridges that are

sold in dispensaries. No pesticides, fungus, or other BS are in these. All Strains have the same terpenes as would be found in the flower and test between 88 and 92 %. Company is based in LA

and has been around for over a decade serving all markets and is now coming to the Alphabay

at competitive market prices. Individual and bulk pricing available. Send PGP encrypted message for desired strains before ordering and we will work with you as much as possible.

Clarified bulk pricing

about 16 a piece if you buy at least 50 spend 800 and up

18 a piece at 20-49 pcs. Spend 360-882

20 ea at 10-19 spend 200-380

25 ea at 5-9 pcs spend 125-225

Enter how many cartridges you’d like and click “checkout” to see the total amount discounted updated.



Lemon Citrine


Blue Dream

Peach Dream


Super Lemon Haze


Cookie Cereal

Watermelon Kush


Mango Kush

Strawberry Trainwreck

Pineapple Express






Grape Haze

Platinum OG

Blackberry Kush

Forbidden Fruit

King Louie

Grape Ape

Do Si Do

Cherry Cookie

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