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Binance is a CCP assault towards Bitcoin.

Binance triggers the FTX collapse, an altcoin playing operation that hosted zero bitcoin.

Binance, which is Chinese language managed now claims to be the authority and spokesperson for Bitcoin and calls for laws.

These are traditional CCP techniques, trigger issues and provide options to current themselves as hero saviors.

8 thoughts on “Binance is a CCP assault towards Bitcoin.”

  1. Binance was caught numerous times selling paper cryptocurrency and disabling withdrawals due to “network problems” while on other exchanges everything worked fine.

    They are scammers.

  2. Is it that people have to have someone besides themselves to blame so they pretend it wasn’t the person they trusted that stole from them? Is that why people aren’t blaming Sam for stealing from them?

  3. There is no such thing as private property or even concepts of persons in China.

    Chinese billionaires can become paupers overnight.

    Truth is also a none existent concept.

  4. Creating a problem and issuing a solution has been a classic tactic of pretty much all governments and corporations for centuries, if not, millennia.

    Why single out Binance and the CCP?

  5. A much more likely explanation is that Binance is just an exchange and that CZ saw an easy way to eliminate some of his competition in a turbulent bear market.

    Conspiracy theorists would do well to learn about Occam’s Razor.


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