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12 thoughts on “Binance Should not be Accountable to Each Person’s Loss within the Business: CZ”

  1. That got me wondering. When there is a token on Binance like FTT or LUNC that is risky, Binance writes something like “be careful, this token is subject to high volatility” on its platform for these pairs and Binance is not responsible for your losses”. Does this mean that for all other tokens that do not have this warning, Binance is responsible for our losses?! 😄

  2. tldr; Binance CEO CZ has said that the FTX collapse is a cleansing event that will eventually turn out to be a good thing. However, he still believes there will be contagion, even though he hinted that the worst might be over, at least in relation to FTX fallout. CZ added that he doesn’t want to create a situation where if anything bad happens to the industry, Binance has to pay for it.

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  3. You remove your funds from an asset you suspect might be iliquid, it indeed is, and is that your fault?

    Just some common sense hitting the brain eventually.

  4. We can’t Blame CZ for withdrawing money out of FTX to save his own customer’s assets.

    Those who can’t swim don’t jump in water to save someone from drowning.


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