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21 thoughts on “Binance Targets $1B Restoration Fund for Distressed Crypto Property: Bloomberg”

  1. Dear Mr. CZ,

    My crypto assets are very distressed and my portfolio is in deep red. Please send a couple of million to my portfolio from that one thousand million recovery fund.

    Best Regards,

  2. And where will they keep this billion?
    Stick it in a bank?
    In CZ’s back pocket?
    Change it to doge and give it to Elon to look after?
    Or will it get gambled away like all the other money that these degenerates get their fingers on?

  3. The guy skipped the bull market marketing and spending hundreds of millions like others did… (The whole FTX arena deal for example was like $130 million contract, and was just 1 thing).

    Now he has a lot of bullets to throw.


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