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33 thoughts on “Bitcoin ≠ Crypto”

  1. “Crypto” = Penny stocks 2.0 1000x leveraged
    What could go wrong huh?
    If Bernie Madoff was alive today, he would have had his own “crypto” VC fund by now… Jordan Belford too… SBF and the other “crypto” parasites are just this generation of Madoff and Belford… FTX is this generation’s ENRON… these parasites are like Herpies, they ain’t going away, they just reappear in a different form later.

    Bitcoin = ANTIBIOTICS to the fiat virus.
    “Crypto” = Deadly Virus, fiat mindset.

  2. I know I’m gonna get buried for saying this, and logic suggests it is the one thing that will survive every storm, but BTC maximalism is toxic and counterproductive. I say this as a person who has come around to putting BTC above all else. BTC can still own the market with other coins bringing the vanguard.

  3. From the people who brought you “it’s not a PC. its a mac” , it’s this decades version of “this one brand is too special for the category, i must be special if its my favourote type”.

    Get over it lads. Bitcoin isn’t a personality trait.

  4. Omg yes BTC is crypto but it’s a meme first of all so chill secondly it’s pretty obvious it’s implying that the Bitcoin community seeks to distance itself from the rest of the cryptocurrency world. You guys all must be so fun at parties.

  5. The people who say that Bitcoin IS Crypto are missing the point entirely.

    Natural language is very tricky. Sometimes certain words take on a life of their own, and sometimes connotations of a word completely overshadow its dictionary meaning. Words evolve over time and people’s understanding of a word can change so much that the dictionary itself has to change the official definition because it no longer matches reality. It’s more common than you think.

    In the case of the word “crypto”, this change has been rather faster than usual. Right now, what everyday people understand when they hear this word is so far from the mission statement of what Bitcoin is, that it is no longer a meaningful description of itself. And consequently this description should not be used, which is the entire point.

    The fact that *technically* it is crypto, doesn’t mean much. Everyday understanding of words is far more important than technicalities, if we want to have clear lines of communication that is.


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