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Bitcoin at 16k, why not go all in

Bitcoin at 16k, ought to I am going all in?

I am actually struggling to not go all in proper now. I DCA for the reason that 50k degree final yr and my avg is 25k proper now, fairly good in my eyes contemplating I found crypto in 2021. Bitcoin is presently 33% of my investing portfolio and I would like extra. I 100% imagine within the Bitcoin ecosystem and future worth that it’s going to carry to society. I see Bitcoin proper now as a retailer of worth, I hope it is gonna develop to develop into rather more.

From my perspective Bitcoin can go to 10k perhaps however I do not see decrease valuation than that. I am presently watching the 13.5k-14k degree with the 400W MA in thoughts. Contemplating it has been 1 yr for the reason that ATH and 1442 days for the reason that 2018 backside, I really feel like the underside is in or we’re 1-3 months away. Simply to bear in mind the 2018 backside was 1428 days after the 2015 backside.

Now from the Macro perspective with the FED strikes, if we see inflation proceed to go down in december CPI, the FED would possibly begin slowing down the speed hikes to 0.50 for subsequent assembly and perhaps 0.25 for the subsequent one. The FED won’t be able to maintain elevating charges when the unemployment will begin to moon. If we understand that markets at all times worth in future occasion at the very least 6 months away, the 2023 recession would already be priced in or it’s presently being priced in. For that to occur we have now to see inflation go down first.

With all of the blood on the road, is not one of the best time to purchase?

So why not go all in at these degree? Possibly it is the underside, perhaps we’ll see one other 50% drawdown, I do not know nevertheless it appears logic to me long run shopping for Bitcoin at 15-16k. In the long term it will not make a distinction.



I do not actually know what to anticipate for the subsequent cycle, at the very least 100k perhaps 200k??

Cathy Woods saying 1 000 000$ in 2030, I want LOL.


From a Bitcoiner

34 thoughts on “Bitcoin at 16k, why not go all in”

  1. No don’t go all in. Just dollar cost average for 30 years. Bitcoin behaves and is treated like a volatile asset. I think it will continue to do so for at least a decade more. It’s quite possible that it may drop into 9k.

  2. Because that’s just speculating the price will go up soon. This market condition might last for many months.

    You can convert to BTC and start using it as currency, instead of just sitting on a bag and hoping it returns to 60k.

  3. I don’t know why you don’t go all in unless you just want to scoop up more bitcoin for cheaper prices…which to me is trying to nickel and dime it. We’re about 2 years out before the next bull market proven by history. After these events it takes years for the public to forget and regain confidence. Plus culminated with the halving..bitcoin usually ride the next year after a halving cycle…I’m seeing bitcoin in the range of 60-100k after the next halving. And another bear market down to 40-60k levels. The market is red it’s the best time to buy. But, why do everybody wait until it’s green?

  4. If you’re comfortable with your conviction then go for it. Just make sure you’re ready to live with the consequences. You should mentally prepare yourself to get wiped 50% in the short term.

    If you are prone to FUD, second guessing, or you’re just unsure – DCA’ing is the best option.

    Either way, you’ll win if you hold and own your keys.

  5. I think the range on which BTC can go low is smaller compared to the range it can go higher. If we are willing to assume BTC value will increase in the future (years to decades) eventually surpassing its current ATH, then it is not that bad going all in now. I would compare gains buying at this 16k price compared to 14 or 10 or whatever lower price assuming a 70k, 100k or whatever price you believe/dream of.

    However I am starting to feel that comparing or expecting BTC to achieve any fiat price is meaningless since fiat is sh!t. The only thing that makes sense is to accumulate BTC because I own it, because it cannot be manipulated and all that stuff that we know.

    As always we don’t know, we are gambling and if BTC fails well, shit happens. I am willing to believe in true decentralization rather than in some corporation/government or any organization.

  6. Hell no. Don’t do it. The macro economy is bad and it will spill over from the stock market into crypto. Investors and hedge funds could pull more out of technology and higher risk assets like crypto.

  7. Humans are generally dumb.
    It is the fear and painful periods drive them into actions.

    Technically 16K is a nice bottom to accumulate.
    But, as usual it does not yet fit in the agenda of the big money.
    Historically the agenda has been somewhere in January February and utmost in March BTC bottom.
    This seasonality seems to come early.
    Therefore disbelief everywhere.

    My point is, it is a great level to accumulate slowly.

  8. Best strategy is DCA, no doubt!
    But anything from 16k below is a buy zone,
    10k below is a heeeavy buy zone. fuel the rocket, in few yrs we’ll be flying…

  9. I wouldn’t. We’ve seen some unprecedented events recently that are not typical, so expecting do things to just reverse a given.

    Also we’ve had one of the longest bull run in history, who’s to say we won’t have a terrible run there after.

    Notice tons of companies firing people, the threat of WW3 still a potential, the housing market looking like it could go, massive inflation, etc. I’d be very careful about investing for the rest of 2023.

  10. Why not DCA more aggressively starting now. If the bottom is in you’ll get everything within 10-20 percent of the bottom, if its not then you’ll probably still get everything within 10-20 percent of the bottom.

  11. I went all in at 20k that’s why I will not go now.

    The workers party winned here on Brazil that’s why I preffered to put my savings on btc ( almost all stock had a really bad drop )

    to bad we had the FTX thing … otherwise I would be really happy now.


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