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Bitcoin is the muse for the following stage of humanity

The usage of a common technique of change/cash over a barter system allowed for humanity to begin specializing and creating the technological world we stay in. It got here with some commerce offs although as a result of we needed to begin trusting a 3rd social gathering to handle the ledger/ledgers all of us use and this permits for manipulation and debasement of our particular person vitality. This technique, though it has allowed us as a species to progress, it has additionally allowed parasites to make use of this technique to feed off humanity.

In comes Bitcoin. We now have a manner for a common technique of change with one world broad ledger that’s decentralized and requires no belief and is past the attain of those parasites. It permits every particular person on the planet the chance to retailer their extra financial vitality exterior the attain of anybody. Bitcoin is the rebuilding of the muse of civilization and is a path ahead to a greater future for everybody. I’d like to see a bitcoin world a number of hundred years from now.

26 thoughts on “Bitcoin is the muse for the following stage of humanity”

  1. Not only that, but through it we can bypass the policies of corrupt governments. Through it, my team and I were able to break the blockade imposed on our country since 2015, and provided many families with food.

  2. Seven transactions per second is not going to satisfy the needs of an universal means of exchange. And no, the Lightning Network does NOT fix this issue.

  3. Bitcoin brings economic empowerment for billions of people worldwide who have been excluded from the current monetary system by global discriminatory regulations and authoritarian leadership in their countries.

  4. Humanity needs to transcend national borders. Then the backwards thinkers would be fucked when they realise they rely on progressive intelligence to survive. (Not limited to crypto at all )

  5. But how can bitcoin solve the issue of wealth distribution? In the current system money is designed to go to the top, so what would make the next generation of currency any different?

  6. I’m a bit concerned that eventually corporations will own the access to the nodes, and can vote to enact monetary policy or vote to simply split forks for each country or nato.

    So it’s not perfect, but it’s a huge step towards something better perhaps.

  7. But can I buy a loaf of bread and milk?

    Can a person in Africa in a village with no electricity get access to water or food ?

    There are still serious limitations to a digital currency.

    Bitcoin is speculative not an actual currency

  8. Convince me that the US CBDC won’t just steam roll BTC. And don’t give me reasons on how it’s inferior. We all know it is. Convince me how the us fed and cartel won’t just destroy BTC value by not allowing BTC to be used at stores and force all stores to use their controlled programmable coin.

  9. Some say, what’s it really worth?

    1 BTC is worth 1/21millionth of the total value of the economy it enables

    No need for USD, you just take the value all human productivity and divide it by 21 million. That’s a massive number when it all the worlds money resides in this store of value

  10. It does make me think, there are African and south American vendors that rely on Bitcoin but I’m wondering how does it begin if nobody has Bitcoin when the domestic currency fails?


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