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Bitcoin isn’t saved on any {Hardware} pockets

Bitcoin wallets are free and straightforward to generate with none limits. Cease shopping for these overpriced gadgets with out really understanding that bitcoin solely exists on the blockchain.
Sizzling wallets, particularly on cell gadgets are secure , even safer than on Pcs.

14 thoughts on “Bitcoin isn’t saved on any {Hardware} pockets”

  1. Using Linux and Electrum hot wallet is safe but for larger amounts over say one Bitcoin which you dont intend to spend or move in the medium term you can put into cold storage with Electrum at zero cost.

    Agree cold storage hardware wallets are over hyped and in most cases unnecessary.

    If you really must have hardware cold storage for Bitcoin Jade Wallet is less expensive at USD$50.

  2. Hardware wallets are a product in our space. They are pro bitcoin so we allow them to shill their products but bringing your bitcoin into the physical world is to introduce several major points of failure. They serve a helpful purpose for people not ready to understand how to leverage the intangible nature of a cryptocurrency for increased security but the pushback against hardware wallets is important for taking people to the next level.

  3. The only software wallets I wouldn’t recommend is one on a general use Pc. Mobile phone wallets are the future of bitcoin.
    Learn how to add an additional passphrase to your seed.
    Put a password lock on your mobile device
    Put a password/pin on your wallet app.
    Don’t save a picture of your seed phrase in your gallery, write it on paper and keep it safe and hidden.

    Thats it.

  4. I store my seed phrase encrypted with GPG on Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox (for redundancy of access) using a GPG key that has a password that is quite long and only stored in my head.

    No one’s ever going to guess it. My seed phrase is for my Ledger though. I trust a piece of hardware designed to never reveal the private key more than I trust auto-updateable software, despite the assurances and being a software developer myself.

    It’s just that extra level of comfort so why not.

  5. The value proposition of a hardware wallet is that your key will never be exposed to a device connected to the internet.

    If you decide that you don’t care about that risk, you indeed don’t need one and a software solution would be sufficient for you.


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