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Bitcoin Mining Corporations Capitulating

This episode of [State of Bitcoin](https://open.spotify.com/episode/2n6Pf5aekLdobRbRLy2Fkn?si=3abe9f25f0714143) I discovered very attention-grabbing. Jaran Mellerud analyzes publicly traded Bitcoin miners in depth and the very fact of the matter is numerous these firms are hurting badly with the depressed Bitcoin value.

1 thought on “Bitcoin Mining Corporations Capitulating”

  1. No Bitcoin miner is *”capitulating”*. They have no exposure to Bitcoin price and print money day after day after day.

    > publicly traded Bitcoin miners

    Those are IPOs aimed at plebs. They make their money from investors not from mining.

    Meanwhile, any of them who have held their reserves in the asset they mine (or worse put it into “yield” ponzi’s) deserve to go broke for that gambling.


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