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Bitcoin steadiness on an exchange- does this embody retail holding too?

I can see Coinbase has a 500K Btc BALANCE on their change, however then I learn the place the CEO mentioned they’ve 2 Million Btc. So are ALL Bitcoin on the market once I lookup Bitcoin steadiness on an change or are they lumping in retail traders who go away their Bitcoin on the change?

5 thoughts on “Bitcoin steadiness on an exchange- does this embody retail holding too?”

  1. From digging, it appears 2M BTC belongs to retail investors (coinbase offers cold storage so a portion are in cold storage- like GSBT at 600K BTC). 500K ON an exchange should mean 500K ON-chain, hence these are for sale. NOW, the interesting question is, ‘How many of the 500K on Coinbase BELONG to coinbase?’ EDIT: Actually, it makes no sense that any coins ON chain are for sale. It’s not ebay. You don’t list Bitcoin and wait. You sell in a flash

  2. My guess at answering is 1.5M are in cold storage and 500K are on the exchange but NOT for sale… until they are. Meaning someone decides to sell and then someone buys. If they take it into cold storage it deducts from the total of 2M.


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