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Bitcoin volatility vs adoption for on a regular basis use – How can Bitcoin be adopted by most individuals and companies in the event that they promote one thing or obtain cash and the subsequent day it could possibly be value 10% much less?

Or if their previous month of gross sales simply sunk 15% due to BTC’s volatility? It’s the one factor left for me to know to assist construct my imaginative and prescient of Bitcoin’s success. Enlighten me.

18 thoughts on “Bitcoin volatility vs adoption for on a regular basis use – How can Bitcoin be adopted by most individuals and companies in the event that they promote one thing or obtain cash and the subsequent day it could possibly be value 10% much less?”

  1. Since I’ve began using the lightning network recently, it’s occurred to me that Bitcoin might exist as both a savings and spending money simultaneously.

    Bitcoin will mostly be saved, but Sats will be spent. Interestingly, as things gain in value, the cost of things as written in Sats is lower. Something that costs 50000 sats today might be 5000 sats by the end of the decade as Bitcoin grows 10x in value.

    And when Bitcoin is spent, it will likely be on smaller things. Spending money and “buying” things are really two different events. If I’m spending money, it’s like getting lunch or movie tickets or some new game that was released. I’m not buying a car, or a home, or a boat. That’s a purchase.

    Spending money is a day to day, common occurrence and because of that the exchange rate doesn’t matter that much. Yes, when you have days with a 10-20% difference, people will hold off. But over the long run pricing is usually stable, and will only become more stable over time.

    Spending Sats will likely become a preferred currency and be considered a “higher value” currency than the local national currency. I expect many merchants to offer deals and discounts to convince someone to spend in Sats.

    I used to think I would never ever spend my Bitcoin, because I’m definitely never selling it so why even spend it? But the world of small, common Bitcoin transactions in Sats have shown me I’m dead wrong and am going to love spending Sats.

  2. Anyone who worries about volatility can just buy/sell BTC w/ their preferred currency. You’ll pay an extra .5% fee for the buy/sell but its TRIVIAL.

  3. For hardcore bitcoiners, its price denominated in fiat doesn’t matter – argument is, you still own a fixed amount of bitcoin, which isn’t going to be diluted in any way.

    But I agree with your point. I see too many people being scared of bitcoin due to volatility. And in order to reduce volatility, we need bigger market cap and more adoption, which by itself also depends on volatility – at least partially.

    Except in 3rd world countries – their own currencies are often even more volatile. So maybe we first need real adoption in such countries. And seems adoption there is rapidly growing.

    But in developed countries this is not the case. Maybe institutional money inflow might help by putting bitcoin into diversified portfolios of the masses. But not everybody would agree, since this also creates paper bitcoin, which dilutes the market.

  4. Volatility decreases year after year.
    As the mining reward also decreases, and more people use it to save themselves from inflation, the purchasing power of the currency will stabilize, thus enabling more people to use it as a medium of exchange, increasing and mantaining its purchasing power even more.

  5. Because in the grand scheme of money on a global level, BTC market cap is tiny. It’s still a baby so yeah, the early adopters are going to be taking on volitility

    You can already see how there are diminishing returns each cycle which drawn out over a long time is the same thing as increasing stability.

    Remember it went from a few hundred, to $20,000 then crashed to $3k before we saw 69k last year. Still just growing pains

  6. It won’t be adopted as a payment method until it’s price becomes stable which is good. Otherwise it’s the same as using fiat except it would be worse than that. Until then it’s a speculative asset and a long term investment at best.

  7. Are you a country where they have usd? Because if you look around othercurrencies they did lose about 30% against it in the last year. And there are even worse

  8. Im bullish on Bitcoin’s future but imo don’t see it ever becoming the world’s currency. At best a highly valued complement investment vehicle or complement payment system.
    Once an easier process becomes available and seamlessly works with everyone’s current bank accounts the masses will adopt (society is lazy)

  9. I’m from the future and sometimes I like to drop by and give a message to help you along and feel better about things (or give warning, lol!)

    BTC volatility evens out for many different reasons. The reward, the price, the limits of the economy, but mostly we saw it really stabilize once it was regarded as a world reserve currency.

    Foreign banks started using it first, because they weren’t able to show proof of reserves in USD. As The Federal Reserve shrinks the money supply, the liquidity dried up in the emerging markets first. Their countries had resources (some were even rich with them) but because they didn’t have access to proof of reserves, they switched to bitcoin.

    Then the larger banks need to do the same. It was used by Europe under the guise of “helping communicate with the new digital markets” but really the EU banks had the same problem, and more! Everyone needed to show they had proof of some kind of value or another. It was WWI all over again, and all of Europe was Germany. Hyperinflation didn’t happen that quickly though, thankfully! But the confidence was lost and the only banks left standing were the ones who had complied with the bitcoin standards for EU policy.

    Fiat is still used btw.

    In the USA we’re a bit more stubborn on some things, and more open on others. The banks have a system of using bitcoin for reserves to work with Europe and the rest of the world (South America is a great investment opportunity right now in your timeline!) Individuals with sums above a certain amount are required to register them if they decide to move them (rules about market disruption). People are a lot more civilized about what they do with their coins. I think that’s because they have a lot of them in America and they know the risk to the system their own actions may pose. However, this can be a bit stifling to the libertarian types, who do whatever they want. What’s interesting is, the Ledger tells everyone to keep their head down anyways. No one wants to dump 10,000 bitcoins in an afternoon. It hurts everyone. And what the hell are you going to cash out for? Fiat? Lol!

    But fiat is mostly used for daily stuff. A lot of people are paid in fiat, but most folks keep their retirement in bitcoin. The stock market has some serious problems because of this, which I don’t really understand, but you’re going to see a HUGE commodities increase. Entirely new market there and I think that’s going to blow people’s minds.

    But I’m kinda crazy. No one really comes from the future. Stephen Hawking said that was impossible, and only lunatics and conspiracy folks talk about time travel. You would be well advised to listen to the experts and not some random guy on reddit that likes old video games.

    **EDIT**: I wanted to add, when I said people with bitcoin “have a lot of them in America” I meant they have property setup in America that is registered. That’s how whales identify themselves to the government. I’m not sure how it works in Europe. Asia is still at war, so who knows about them.

  10. It is worth 10% less because you are measuring it in USD.

    Kind of like when people are trapped in a USD “Stockholm syndrome”.

    You have to see everything in from the USD lens. Exactly like the Central bankers want you slaves to do so.

    It will take time for people to change that. Then you have to ask how can people use the USD to trade when it is so volatile against Bitcoin.

    In reality do you know exactly how much USD is floating around in the world? Has it been audited at all? So how can it be used as a scale to measure the value of an commodity.

    So really the world is using a scale to measure the value of steel, hogs, wood etc that Jerome Powell tells us what the measure of the day is.

    Go figure that one out. It is really fucked up come to think of it.


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