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BofA took $2k from someone and then told her she had to wait until February to get it resolved ๐Ÿ‘€ Woman said she tried to go to to the physical location and they had a line around the corner. This BofA stuff feels more real with each passing moment.

A Woman’s Explaination of Her Bad Experience With Bank of America

Many of us have experienced the angst and fiery frustrations that comes along with dealing with certain customer service centers. However, one woman recently encountered a whopper of a story involving Bank of America and a painful $2,000 wait.

The Source of Aggravation

The woman in question discovered that her bank account had been over drafted and her only option for a refund was to wait until February to resolve the issue. The wait and frustration didn’t end there though as the woman also explained that when she tried to visit a Bank of America location in person to get assistance, the line was so long Outside that she saw it “wrapping around the corner.”

The Aftermath

The woman’s story is an unfortunate representation of a severe lack of customer service. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to reach out and completely be serviced within the given time frame. It’s well understood that customer service centers have become Overloaded and backed up but incidents like this further spread the lack of confidence in this general area.

What Does This Mean?

As the events of this story continue to unfold and become clearer, it’s become increasingly more clear that the magnitude of the customer service problem has gotten bigger:

  • It’s becoming harder for customers to get money back.
  • Lines for physical locations are getting longer.
  • Monetary refunds are being pushed back.

Considering these examples, it’s obvious that customer service is slowly trending in the wrong direction. The woman’s personal experience with Bank of America is just one small example but it’s a very troubling one at that.

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