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Can Someone Explain Bitcoin Fees?


Bitcoin fees are a necessary part of the Bitcoin network. They are the fees that are paid to miners for processing transactions on the blockchain. Without these fees, miners would not be incentivized to process transactions, and the Bitcoin network would not be able to function.

When you send a Bitcoin transaction, you must include a fee. This fee is paid to the miners who process the transaction. The amount of the fee is determined by the size of the transaction and the amount of competition for the block space. The larger the transaction and the more competition for the block space, the higher the fee.

The fees are paid in Bitcoin, and they are paid to the miners who process the transaction. The fees are used to incentivize miners to process transactions quickly and efficiently. The fees also help to keep the Bitcoin network secure by ensuring that miners are rewarded for their work.

The fees are also used to help prevent spam transactions. If the fees are too low, then it would be easy for someone to flood the network with low-fee transactions. This would make it difficult for legitimate transactions to be processed.

In summary, Bitcoin fees are an important part of the Bitcoin network. They are used to incentivize miners to process transactions quickly and efficiently, and to help prevent spam transactions. Without these fees, the Bitcoin network would not be able to function.

3 thoughts on “Can Someone Explain Bitcoin Fees?”

  1. You set the fee yourself. If the network is busy miners will choose higher fee txns over yours to include in blocks causing yours to be delayed.

    Supply and demand essentially.

    Yes if bitcoin is widely used the fees are going to be insane. The upside is our portfolios will also be insanely valued.

    The truth is that decentralisation is hard. This is the comprise that has been made to ensure bitcoins long term survival

    You likely won’t be buying coffee with your future bitcoins. Might be if layer 2 delivers.

    But that doesn’t mean bitcoin won’t succeed, it just may look different than we expect. It may just be a settlement network for high value transactions, think monthly credit card bills, mortgage repayments etc.

  2. Imagine people arriving at an airport and taxi drivers driving a constant loop every ten minutes to the hotel.

    All of the arriving passengers place their bid and the taxi drivers scoop up the highest bidders. Once their taxis are full they drive the passengers to the hotel then head back.

    In the meantime new passengers have shown up and place their bids as well. The patient passengers place low bids and wait for a calm spell where they can ride for extremely cheap; but the inpatient passengers look around at all the other bids and insure that their bid is competitive and they’ll receive immediate pickup.

    If enough inpatient passengers show up they can get into a bidding war; driving up the cost of transportation significantly.

  3. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s worth taking a look a the Lightning Network, which was created to help provide instant, nearly no cost fees for transactions. This is definitely helping transactional adoption.


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