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Can we exchange all cases of Bankman’s punchable face with pics of puppies?

I am bored with all articles and SBF face throughout, on all websites I go to. It is nonetheless like half the articles on this sub.

Setting apart how traders who’ve funds caught there might be made entire once more, I do not care about this shitty firm and the ‘sensible’ hack of a prick and the ‘layers’ to the story.

We’d like an Extension that replaces SBF’s punchable face with puppies from r/aww and replaces any point out of FTX, SBF, and so on. with articles from r/UpliftingNews.

Please nerds, do it.

PS: Could as effectively add CZ and “binance” to the record.

19 thoughts on “Can we exchange all cases of Bankman’s punchable face with pics of puppies?”

  1. It’s not his face that bothers me so much.

    It is the single image that they have of the Goblin character in the story, showing up on every single article.

    Please, I’ll pay someone to go and take a new photo of her. ANY new photo.


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