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Cannabulk Multi Strain Review

Hey nation, back with another review from Cannabulk. These items were sent as samples to review. After the site crashing several times during the initial review I abandoned any structure just to try and publish it haha. The strains are all from the top shelf variety as there was no exotic level at the time of sending. The astro was a nice dense nug that had that wonderful snap when breaking it apart. Grinds nicely and smokes to white ash. A delightful strain. The grease trap is my favorite of the three. So gassy and funky. Rolls perfectly into a joint and smokes slow and nice, also buring to white ash. Great high. The ice cream sherb is good. Sticky nugs, great look, good smoke but not as memorable as the others. Overall all very solid. I think these level of oz goes for 175ish but I can’t recall the menu right now. I really liked the pens as well when in need of convenience.



Grease Trap


Ice Cream Sherb


Piff Bar Live Resin Disposable Pen – Lemon Cherry Gelato

-Flavor was excellent on this and the potency was as well. Great looking disposable too. Only complaint would be it getting hard to suck through at times. Maybe it needed a charge as well, not sure.

Jeeter Juice Live Resin Disposable Pen

– This is really nice as well, hits great, tastes good and natural for the most part and they even included a charging cable to recharge. A very quality pen.

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