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Cannot restore Bitcoin from Nemo Pockets.

After I restore, It all the time caught right here, any resolution? Thanks



9 thoughts on “Cannot restore Bitcoin from Nemo Pockets.”

  1. I’m very said to tell you I don’t know how to recover these coins. I can find no documentation for a “nemo” wallet, no standardized process to handle 18 seed words. It doesn’t look great. I’m hoping someone comes up with something though.

  2. I don’t know how to recover any of your alts but I would try to recover your bitcoin with Sparrow wallet. I know it supports 18 word seed phrases.

    One thing to consider is the key derivation path. If you select the wrong address script type, it will show an empty wallet. Do you remember if your BTC addresses began with “bc1…” or not?

    Also, this tool might also help if you want to try recovering on some other wallets: https://walletsrecovery.org/

  3. After trying sparrow, Electrum or Coinomic it always get error checksum is wrong while I have 18 words only not passphrase. Very disappointed with nemowallet. I could contact with them to recover, is there anyway else, mate? Thanks and have nice day all.


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