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Moonstone Research’s Postmortem of Monero CCS Hack

Postmortem of Monero CCS Hack: A Transaction Graph Analysis

Miner I bought in 2013 for 15k and didn’t mine anything

There is a problem when downloading a video. The download stops suddenly

Join us to discuss the Monero CCS hack! Labitconf & Monero Argentina meetup, DragonXchain to chat about the Hurricane Otis Monero fundraiser in Acapulco! + XMR Report, News & Dev with the gang, and much more! TMRW morning at 11AM-EDT/5PM-CET

Something weird is going on once again in crypto. Voyager price shot up 16% after 20% of the total supply of Voyager’s token, worth $7.3 Million was sent to a burn address. The wallet allegedly belongs to Voyager though unconfirmed. Regardless, it looks like someone messed up BIG TIME

The Risks of Using Wrapped Tokens