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They can be easy to fall for if you aren’t cautious!

USPS problem, What does this mean?

I have a rather large package that I had delivered to my home at my address, I lived here for 10 plus years. Never had any mail forwarded in my name ever. Checked my informed delivery today package says out for delivery, ok cool. Check it again and its in RED saying “FORWARD EXPIRED” What … Read more

Credible review systems

I heard one of the best ways to trust a vendors credibility is their reviews but where in the hell would you find that because If its their own page they they can write whatever the hell they want. Is there maybe a dread sub that does this or another site where its user based? … Read more

Has anyone tried BTC ATMs?

I make regular trips to a city which has ATM machines which do BTC cash conversions. I was considering using these as a way to hide my cash in crypto. Has anyone got any experience with this? Is there KYC on these things?

How do I safely change XMR to USD?

Is there anything I should know before I change my Monero to USD? Let me mention something first. I’m not selling or buying anything on the Darknet currently, I’m getting my crypto from other activities outside of it. I’m broke right now and since I’m not buying anything on the Darknet, I need to change … Read more