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This isn’t the first time fake news in crypto has burned investors, Elon Musk also duped the crypto world and everyone quietly forgot about it.

VICE News: How the Cryptoqueen Stole Billions

History: 8 years ago people on reddit were discussing the merits of Monero. The talking points are interestingly consistent to this very day.

13 years ago, a Bitcoin forum user lost 9000 BTC (worth around $630 at the time) due to a simple technical error, an amount that is now worth over $240 million.

The last year has been so insane, do you guys remember the USDC and DAI depeg?

Chancellor on the brink of second bailout for banks.

Exactly 14 years ago, BTC was first listed on an exchange at a rate of 1,309 BTC = $1.

In 2010, Joe Rogan Mentioned Bitcoin for the First Time on His Podcast – A Fascinating Opportunity for Early Adopters at Just $100 per BTC10 years ago, while the BTC price was just $100, Joe Rogan mentioned Bitcoin for the first time on his podcast. Fascinating how early some could have been.

Wow, I just heard that Joe Rogan mentioned Bitcoin on his podcast for the first time! It’s amazing to think that 10 years ago, the price of Bitcoin was only $100. It’s incredible to think that some people could have been early adopters of this revolutionary technology. I’m really excited to see where Bitcoin goes … Read more

14 Years Ago, Hal Finney Announced His ALS Diagnosis to the PublicExactly 14 years ago, Hal Finney revealed his fatal ALS diagnosis to the world

I remember exactly 14 years ago when Hal Finney revealed his ALS diagnosis to the world. It was a heartbreaking moment for the entire crypto community, as Hal was a pioneer in the space and a beloved figure. His contributions to the development of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will never be forgotten. It’s amazing to … Read more

The 184 Billion Bitcoin Bug: How Block 74638 Mined in 2010 Created Billions of Bitcoin Out of Thin AirBitcoin block 74638 was mined in 2010, this block was responsible for the 184 billion Bitcoin bug! Billions of Bitcoin minted out of thin air.

Wow, I can’t believe that Bitcoin block 74638 was mined in 2010 and was responsible for the 184 billion Bitcoin bug! It’s crazy to think that billions of Bitcoin were minted out of thin air. It’s a good reminder of how important it is to have secure systems in place to prevent these kinds of … Read more