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26 thoughts on “Cathie Wooden Reiterates Her $1 Million Bitcoin Wager”

  1. Just drumming up some buzz to shill more ARK funds, people are losing interest. As well she has conversations with god who is her financial advisor.

  2. tldr; Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood predicts that bitcoin will reach $1 million per coin by 2030. She is also bullish on ether, saying it could be a subject of mass institutional adoption in the years to come. Notably, Ark Invest recently purchased 176,945 shares of Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust GBTC.

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  3. u/kryptoNoob69420 Reiterates Their $1 Billion Bitcoin Bet (because it doesn’t matter what number anyone pulls out of their ass)

  4. Should be wary when people make predictions so far into the future with so much conviction.
    I remember watching the interview where she made predictions warning about deflation just before the inflation.


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