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42 thoughts on “Cathie Wooden says Bitcoin will likely be value $1 million per coin by 2030”

  1. > She believes the underlying technology of the blockchain will give bitcoin staying power.

    > the collapse of FTX and downbeat market could give institutional investors reason to delay crypto adoption. But that, too, ultimately presents a learning opportunity for investors.

    > And once they actually do the homework […] they might actually be more comfortable moving into bitcoin, and perhaps ether, as a first stop because they’ll understand it more

    > Wood remains bullish on crypto more broadly. She has bought the dip in shares of Coinbase, adding $53 million this month, and also snapped up more shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and Silvergate Capital.

  2. if bitcoin continues repeating its 4yr cycles, it very well may end up in the hundreds of thousands by 2025. look at year ends 2013 & 2014, 2017 & 2018, now 2021 & 2022. ’13, ’17, & ’21 are all peak year ends followed by massive YE crashes in the succeeding years ’14, ’18, & ’22. If cycle continues then ’25 is peak, ’26 is crash, ’29 is peak, ’30 is crash.

  3. Sure. There were tons of experts claiming it would be 60k this year too. And eth would be 10k. And ada would be at 6-9 euros a pop.

    They can claim all they want but at the end its guesswork pure and simple. Too many variables are included in this.

  4. Everyday someone posts some story about bitcoin hitting some kind of magic number. 100k, 300k,now a million. Next week Bitcoin will be setting it’s sites on 2billion per coin by 2055


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