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CCIP-045 Implement character requirement for father or mother feedback in SERIOUS discussions

# Drawback

With the SERIOUS tag being carried out we at the moment are beginning to see some severe discussions happen within the sub. Whereas severe tagged posts are supposed to be held to the next degree of content material customary this isn’t the best to reasonable, after a while the upper degree dialogue does appear to make its approach to the highest of a put up, however whenever you scroll down generally it’s laborious to inform that it was tagged as a severe dialogue.

Typically harmless however pointless and generic feedback make their method in, which generally get eliminated, however not all the time. Feedback reminiscent of “Nice put up OP” “That is the kind of content material we should always see extra of” while harmless in nature don’t really contribute to dialogue and find yourself getting upvoted just because it’s of constructive sentiment.

Due to this, after a few days some SERIOUS discussions look no totally different to common posts.

Contemplating feedback inside severe posts are eligible for as much as 4x karma, I feel it’s vital to keep up a degree of content material customary.

# Answer

I suggest implementing the requirement that every one father or mother or top-level feedback to require 100 characters minimal, else be routinely eliminated by Automoderator.

Protecting in thoughts, Critical discussions aren’t a spot for easy FAQ’s or generic statements anyway, it shouldn’t be tough to achieve 100 characters in a remark in response to the unique put up.

It is usually the poster who’s requesting that their put up include extra in depth dialogue fairly than brief generic responses.

This transformation would solely influence father or mother or top-level feedback. This enables anybody who has a brief however related inquiries to concisely ask if they should as a toddler remark or inside remark chains.

The two most important professionals I can see are;

* Serving to cut back moderator workload by having automod take away of numerous low high quality feedback
* Serving to reinforce the idea that severe discussions are meant for precise dialogue

The two most important cons I can see are;

* Customers can simply add filler phrases to achieve 100 characters
* Customers can nonetheless add brief feedback that do not essentially add to dialogue beneath father or mother feedback

*For context, 100 characters is definitely attained, in truth this sentence incorporates 110 characters excluding areas and formatting*

And for last readability this alteration is **solely to use to SERIOUS tagged posts** and keep in mind that it’s the poster who’s requesting their put up be marked as SERIOUS dialogue.

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41 thoughts on “CCIP-045 Implement character requirement for father or mother feedback in SERIOUS discussions”

  1. A lot of people confuse 100 characters for 100 words.

    This is just 100 characters.

    100 words is a paragraph. But 100 characters is one sentence.

    If people can’t write 1 sentence for something meant for a serious discussion, then what’s the point of even having serious discussions?

  2. I prefer succinct discussions, but I can also seek how individuals can take advantage of the shorter responses for moon farming. In theory, a serious post should warrant more lengthy discussion.

  3. Can posts with “advice” flair be tagged as serious? Im not sure ive seen it but i can envision a user needing emergency advice and wanting succinct tips to get them through it that would be under character limit

  4. 100% for this.

    Having a serious post that can just be littered with low effort comments defeats the purpose of the serious post to begin with. It doesn’t necessarily mean the comments will be better but at least it may deter some from commenting at all.

  5. 100 characters isn’t really that much, but I also don’t see how this would help – even a non-serious comment can go above that easily, while a very short serious answer to a question could be less.

    Serious posts need more strict moderation sadly, I don’t think the “issue” can be solved like that.

  6. I hope people actually read the full post and not just the title, remember it is the poster of a serious discussion who is requesting a more in depth discussion take place.

    Serious tagged posts don’t occur all that often, there were 25 of them posted during the previous moon cycle.

  7. I feel like we’re going to see a lot more Lorem Ipsum after this gets voted on. That will make it more interesting at least.

    I wonder what the copy pasta will be, and maybe it’ll be the same shit just different ordered. Lol

    Aside from that, it is hard to moderate all those comments. So I like the limit being middle to low as far as technicals go… responding to a comment with a simple yes answer however makes it kinda hard to finish the conversation sometimes. Maybe you wanna apologize for sounding a certain way, who knows.. sometimes short replies are warrented…

  8. This feels like a tough balance. 100 characters isn’t too hard to achieve so I’m not sure if this would actually improve content or just make non-serious comments more long winded

  9. Yes please 100%. I just made recently 2 [SERIOUS] posts ( one about FTX rumors before it went down & one pump & dump scheme warning ) and the comments are literally the same as in any other post.

    I even asked for a healthy discussion but so far it looks like the [SERIOUS] tag is not working that well.

  10. I very rarely feel compelled to make a super serious contribution to r/cc and the lack of seriousness is the problem. Using the serious tag should already mean you aim to hold your discussion to a higher standard. I’m generally in favor of taking measures to weed out low quality, meme culture content.

  11. I like the idea, but serious and insightful answers aren’t always long, some of the clearest and most obvious points hit harder when snappy.

    I agree with the sentiment, but I’m not sold on the solution.

  12. Absolutely think this is a great idea and I would support this across all subs. The problem with moon farmers and karma posts can finally be addressed with a proposal like this

  13. This is not unreasonable in the slightest. Serious posts are meant for legitimate and thought provoking conversation. The comments should reflect that as thats the whole damn point.

    Its not like 100 is hard to hit. This tiny little blurb is over 200.

  14. What if it’s a serious question about something, that the answer to is simple and isn’t very long? That will make people say more things just so they fill up the quota.

  15. Voted yes. This is an issue throughout Reddit so I’m glad to see an option to change it being discussed in at least one community I check regularly.

    It’s honestly so tiring reading the same jokes, comments etc at the top of posts and having to dive deep into the thread for someone actually making valid points and adding to the discussion.

    Low tier has a place, just not on every single damn post throughout Reddit.

  16. Well it’s tough to moderate. Not sure if a min char req. will fix this.

    Imo it also depends on the post because the tag itself can also be abused.

    I mean a serious tag on some bs info about who, what and when SBF gangbanged the ugly chick is not really serious imo. It’s spam at best.


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