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Cease shilling your dumb shitcoins when the market is clearly not secure atm.

I’ve nothing towards shitcoins normally, if folks wanna do their due diligence and mess around they’re allowed to take action. However nothing pisses me off greater than apparent and coordinated shill efforts that are supposed to draw folks in to allow them to bag maintain for degen backdoor manipulators.

Within the latest pump there’s already posts going up about such and such venture gaining so many %s in such a brief timespan or ‘ random ‘ and ‘ quirky ‘ posts shilling cash that you would be able to inform should not fucking natural. Simply go to any such posts, they’re going to get awards for seemingly no motive and any feedback attempting to even simply be impartial shall be thumbed down…

That is when it is a payed or on the very least a coordinated submit. This is able to always occur in the course of the 2021 bullrun too, the place somebody will faux to be a random consumer asking a few sure venture whereas supplying you with all the explanations you can purchase it. Simply giving everybody a heads up, no venture is presently so superb that it will possibly defy the chances and beat any and all different initiatives, watch out for shills attempting to make use of you as exit liquidity.

**EDIT: This sub is so traditional, mock folks once they genuinely wanna assist you to and cry if you miss out since you needed to be cool and act like crypto is highschool. I am retaining this submit up regardless of all of the downvotes. Simply so I can snort once I come again earlier than the following run kicks off in any respect the cool children and their self deprecating humour when they’re crying irl.**

48 thoughts on “Cease shilling your dumb shitcoins when the market is clearly not secure atm.”

  1. I’d prefer it people stopped investing in shitcoins at all.

    Imagine if all that money, development time, investment went into building on the same chain rather than every fucker trying to launch their own token.

  2. That does tend to happen indeed. I just assume everything is a paid promotion but if I catches my eye I’ll look into it myself (I also don’t use provided links and find my own thru Google and analysing the results in the search)

  3. I wouldn’t even tell a friend to ape all into BTC at the moment lol getting -30% in their first week in can be pretty harrowing for a new investor. Instead when they ask I just tell people close to me that this is absolutely a great time to start buying little by little, that it’s most likely going to take a couple years before you see significant profits, and that BTC’s your best bet because a lot of coins around now won’t be by the next bull market.

    But if you understand that and you want to take a small % of your portfolio and bet it on something smaller surviving, it absolutely is a lot riskier, but the upside potential for anything smaller that actually survives (because *some* of them no doubt will) makes it reasonable for a lot of people to make some side-bets, myself included. I’d just caution people not to get carried away with that. BTC as your top holding is definitely the sensible thing to do.

  4. Sorry about your attitude. Kinda sucks. There hasn’t been any shilling of any shitcoin. I’m always on this sub and haven’t seen one in a long time. Why get so aggressive on a post with 5 million users on the sub? It’s not going to change anything. I mean at this point we can’t talk about anything cause they’re all potential shitcoins. Anyways, live and let others live in peace. Take care and happy holidays.

  5. Welp, I found some dope projects (2) during the bear and made good realized profit + still bags decent bags

    There is innovation going on and if looking to invest you can still do. Risk is high af tho

  6. Lol your getting salty about nothing dude. No one’s shilling shitcoins right now. Half the posts are about FTX and the other half are about other exchanges potentially going insolvent.

    You should’ve seen this sub a year ago, that was shill season. Come back in 2 or 3 years and you might be able to experience it yourself.


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