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Cell Crypto Pockets with USB chilly answer. Does this exist?

I’ve an thought in my head of how I wish to retailer and entry my crypto. I’ve been trying round however can not seem to discover what I’m in search of. Possibly it does not exist. Possibly there’s a cause it does not exist. In search of some recommendation.

I wish to use a cellular pockets on my Android cellphone that I can use as a sizzling pockets. I might then wish to have a usb stick I can plug into my cellphone and use as a chilly pockets. So in different phrases. A second course of that turns cellphone into flight mode, plug within the usb stick and create the chilly pockets. Then that mentioned chilly pockets will also be used as a key to signal transactions ultimately.

Does this make sense? Would it not be secure? Is there one thing related obtainable at the moment?

7 thoughts on “Cell Crypto Pockets with USB chilly answer. Does this exist?”

  1. >Then that said cold wallet can also be used as a key to sign transactions in some way.

    If you’re signing transactions it’s not a cold wallet

  2. That would be any hardware wallet that is supported by your phone – I think some are supported by Android.

    You can’t use your phone in airplane mode however – if it has known the private keys, you would need to fully wipe it before it is allowed to go online again. So the signing still has to happen on the USB device.

  3. There is https://airgap.it that might help you or various cold wallets that use either bluetooth nfc or qr codes. There are also a few smartphones with built in wallets https://news.bitcoin.com/samsung-adds-support-for-hardware-wallets-on-galaxy-smartphones/

    Status.im wallet has a novel solution with keycard https://status.im/keycard

    I like the form factor personally and there are others in projects like cool wallet, hash wallet, imkey etc. I hope something there helps you :/

    Ps https://www.parity.io/technologies/signer/ might also be of use.

  4. Your description says “usb stick”. I assume you mean a USB drive (file storage device). If that’s what you have in mind, “plug in the usb stick and create the cold wallet” isn’t what you’ll get; you’ll just have a private key on a file storage device connected to an Android phone that was previously connected to the Internet and will be reconnected to the Internet while anything it has read from the storage device is still in memory, vulnerable to all malware your Android phone has ever seen.

    Just get a hardware wallet for offline signing so its private keys never leave its secure element.

  5. There is app someone posted yesterday that will turn your old phone into a hardwallet by generating a QR code for each transaction. It airgap bc the idea is to turn of all internet connection on the phone. Sounds pretty nifty.

  6. It’s nog exactly as u described but status.im has the “keycard” that can be used to store your keys and interacts with your phone through NFC. I haven’t tried it yet, gotta do some more research but it looks neat.


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