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Centralization failed us this yr, not decentralization.

Crypto acquired away from its core ethos of decentralization and trust-lessness and it price everybody dearly. As a substitute of constructing decentralized networks to switch the banks of 2008 we merely recreated them with shiny new tech. Besides there is no such thing as a bailout coming this time and this contagion may get ugly. Hopefully this ends the centralization of crypto.

As painful as it’s to be taught hopefully this sears into everybody’s consciousness the significance of decentralization and self-custody. Hopefully this breaks the again of CeFi, and let’s Defi takes its place because it at all times ought to have been. Even Binance and the opposite Cexs must have their roles significantly diminished within the area. This isn’t purported to be an area the place billion greenback banks get constructed on prime of crypto leeching away it’s energy. This has at all times been about empowering the person not letting all of it coagulate on the prime like in conventional finance.

2022 is a present to crypto. It’s damaged the again of centralization. And if we’re to maneuver ahead as an business now we have to get again to the unique ideas that this business was constructed on. Belief-less, permission-less, clear, and decentralized methods is what’s going to work. Hopefully that’s what we get extra of sooner or later.

38 thoughts on “Centralization failed us this yr, not decentralization.”

  1. Wasn’t Luna defi ponzi scheme?

    How many hacks and exploits have we seen this year? How many bridges collapsed? How many rug pulls?

    Let’s not blame it on all on centralised systems and service providers as there are many legit ones who brought more good to the space than decentralised scams

  2. BTC is that great partner you broke up with because they seemed too boring for you. So you ended up marrying some cool person named Luna who runs away with all your life savings, befriend a dude called Scam who steals whatever was left. And then you realize the true love of your life was BTC. But you were too much of an idiot to notice.

    Relationships are hard.

  3. You forgot to mention that Defi is a huge scam created to replace ICOs as the defacto standard for stealing users funds. Defi is not decentralized, it’s merely a way to trade useless **centralized** shittokens. Thieves can now use code to steal and then claim they were hacked.

    > Crypto is crumbling, and DeFi hacks are getting worse


  4. CEXs are important to noobs though. Idk about you, but it took me years to truly understand crypto, and a lot of people don’t want to put in that kind of time and effort when cash is already easily understood and accessible.

    I’m all for decentralization and self-custody, don’t get me wrong. But until the learning curve gets smaller, we need CEXs to onboard people into the space.

  5. Excellent point you bring up. Lets keep our eyes on the DEFI prize and not worry about these ass-clown exchanges doing their shady shit. Survival of the fittest begins. The exchanges still standing after this red wedding are legit and have won our confidence and business.

  6. – Do you think there’ll be mass adoption (eg. grandparents investing) with only DeFi?
    – Do you think that the governments will create regulations that would allow only DeFi to ‘use’ crypto?

  7. CEX serve as a bridge between the potential not so tech savvy investors and crypto. I for example have also started my journey through the use of one of these platforms. Look, I am all for decentralization, as it should be. But for many newbies, CEX is important for the industry in order for crypto to have wider public acceptance and usage.

  8. Honestly, everyone and their mother is adopting crypto. Look at Google. If you said that they would start offering crypto services back then, you’d be ridiculed by everyone.

    But the tables have turned. Everyone is trying to get on board, because everyone knows that crypto becoming mainstream is inevitable.

    When? Who knows. Do I care? Absolutely not. DCA, my friends.

  9. I think centralized exchanges do need to be regulated to some degree. If only regulators will create new regulations and not tey to squeeze crypto into the old ones.

  10. Last year it became clear.

    But, centralization has caused humanity problems at least for a couple of decades now.

    Technology has shown us a new way, and therefore mainstream culture is beginning to become aware of the principles and possibilities of decentralization.

  11. Hypothetical scenario. Person has $500 bucks in fiat. They want to buy crypto with it. How do you do that with DeFi?

    As much as I loathe CEX’s right now, they offer the onramp that DeFi doesn’t.

  12. Ust was a decentralized stablecoin and it failed. Yes, part of the reason was the unsustainable anchor yield that made everyone want ust for safe returns so this part is human error, but still…

  13. People don’t give a shit, they’ll rush to hand their money to the next face-eating leopard right away.

    *”well this one didn’t eat my face yet, surely it will be different this time!”*


  14. I would love to see further innovations in P2P platforms, especially for on/off ramping. One of the early BTC’s community’s big dreams was a P2P system that anyone could use for anything and we’re making progress but it still seems so far away.

    A lot of people promote Bisq, but at first glance it seems alien, that things could go wrong, and difficult to use. Specific parts of the world might allow the use of BTC to buy real goods and services directly, but most of the world doesn’t have that option.

    But imagine when we finally get there… centralized exchanges would be eternally grateful for the opportunity to profit from tiny trade fees instead of feeling like they can away with promising dumb yields by gambling with customer funds, because how many people would still choose to use them?

  15. The current top 8 crypto are the most centralized in funds, marketing, business, lobbying, even their models.
    They are out for your blood playing games of pretend while rugging you.

    Want less centralization? Vote with your wallets.
    Rid of the bullshit in crypto.

  16. Crypto now has a black eye in the public. After the failure of many major organizations failing and in the news, it will be a very long road back. There will be no more crazy interest on deposits. That has proven a failed concept. So there is no benefit other then to lose money.

  17. All this turmoil forced me to actually check out my ballet hardware wallet. Took it out of its container for the first time in a year

  18. POW was designed to be decentralized, but pesky humans decided that POS is better for the environment thus giving up decentralization in the process. The future seems more grim than what it used to be…

  19. How do you have the audacity to say this after LUNA failed and $50b was lost? Are you aware that $50b was lost? People can downvote but centralization would be the only way to save crypto at this point.


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