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CEO of Crypto.com is a Crooked Man

Kris Marszalek has been accused of defrauding hundreds of shoppers and enterprise companions in South East Asia. There have been greater than 1,000 authorized claims in opposition to him to native legislation enforcements within the area. Should you do enterprise with Crypto.com as we speak, it is best to positively look into it with warning. I’d anticipate this man to shortly go down when American regulators begin to do their diligence of the Crypto firms working within the nation. Under is a small instance of his previous.


11 thoughts on “CEO of Crypto.com is a Crooked Man”

  1. > when American regulators start to do their diligence

    Or when people start to do their diligence and stop trusting exchanges.

    Remember, every exchange is trustworthy right up until the point they’re not.

  2. Isn’t the point of bitcoin to keep regulators and governments and not having one group controlling it?

    Time for people to grow up, learn and put some effort into controlling there financial future. Stop taking the easy way out with letting 3rd parties control your cash and trust they make the best decisions on your behalf.


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